Let’s show our support for the PDBF dragon boat team representing the Philippines at the 2015 IDBF 12th World Dragon Boat Racing Championships!

To prepare audiences for the 2015WDBRC, here are the schedule of races of the Philippine team and some useful links.






Day 1 – 2000m

[table id=62 /]




Day 2 – 1000m

No scheduled race for the Philippine Team




Day 3 – 500m

[table id=64 /] best 2 of 3 rounds


[table id=63 /] best 2 of 3 rounds




Day 4 – 200m

[table id=65 /] best 2 of 3 rounds


[table id=66 /] best 2 of 3 rounds




Day 5 – 500m

[table id=67 /] *will depend on the results of heat 2 and/or the semi-final race.


 Useful Links

Race Results
Live Streaming


PDBF Elite Team 2015 WDBRC

Source: PDBF Facebook Page



Featured Image via WDBRC 2015