Project Description

Thanks to Flor Merilles for this write-up!

ALAB is a relatively new player in the Philippine dragon boat community. It was incorporated into the PCKF in April 2013. The team’s primary aim is to develop a well-rounded and driven crew of paddlers aspiring to excellence and a competitive edge. The ALAB creed is based on developing team competitiveness and camaraderie among its members.

From an initial group of 15 paddlers, membership has grown to an active member base of around 40. Most of the team’s members started out new to dragon boat, but have dramatically transformed into monster paddlers through a disciplined and rigorous cross-training program. Five times a week, the team meets boat training in Manila Bay, pool training, and land drills.
Anyone who is fit in body and mind and interested in training for dragon boat are welcome to join ALAB. The team does not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, religion, and other affiliations. The only prerequisite to membership is passion for sports and developing the skills required of dragon boat.


For more inquiries about membership contact ALAB team manager, Maricel De La Cruz at 0916 566 2859, or message the team’s Facebook page.