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One Team One Crew
Tracing back its origins when eager young members of PATTS Bodybuilding Club decided to form PATTS Adventure Team in September 2000 which reaches out to people from different walks of life sharing common interests on having a healthy lifestyle and ready to challenge themselves at a physical level be it body building, wall climbing, mountaineering and dragonboat rowing which eventually focused and geared towards the latter. Entering its seventeenth year, witnessing several members coming in and out, Manila Blazing Paddles continue to exist and cope up with time utilizing the power of social media in their recruitment efforts attracting a good mix of creatives, corporate and the curious ones to try this sport and eventually be part of this family. While there is an influx of new members joining in doing their individual contributions, it is important that the original values and lessons learned in the process must be preserved. Its passion and dedication is unwavered, never to be under estimated as the team continues to improve its skill and become stronger in order to reach the finish line first.
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