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Thank you to Angel Miranda for this write-up, as well as Dennis Anacin for an earlier version which appeared this week. 

The Manila Wave Paddlers Club was founded in 2007. Formerly known as A & A Maquinas Fermentas, its members are composed of a diverse group of people of different ages, lifestyles and professions, regardless of which, when we start paddling, we are united in ONE form and ONE stroke.

As a fairly new team in the dragon boat community, our team continues to grow. In terms of membership, we currently have fifty active members. In terms of training, we have put in place a system to give our paddlers a “full body workout”.

For 2013, the Manila Wave started the year like a “fire breathing dragon fanged beast” ! In the first race of the dragon boat racing season, this February we won First Place in the Mixed Category, 200 meters, PCKF Friendly Race, Roxas Blvd., Manila Bay.

In the 7th Boracay International Dragon Boat Festival in April, our team was first runner up in both the small boat mixed category for 250 and 500 meters. We were also awarded Best Time in the 500 meters standard boat Mixed Category.

Like a “dragon slayer”, during the prestigious Philippine National Games, our men’s team was Second Runner Up in Small Boat 500 meters and First Runner Up in the Small Boat 200 meters. And for the very first time that we joined the Womens Category, our women’s team did fairly well, too. We were First Runner Up in 200 meters Small Boat.

So far, the biggest achievement for the team is participating and winning in the Hong Kong International Dragon Boat Races held last June. The Manila Wave team was First Runner Up in the 500 meters Small Boat Mixed Category and Second Runner Up in the 500 meters Standard Boat Mixed Category. It was the first international trip for the team and hopefully not the last.

Lastly, we were First Runner Up in the Standard Boat 200 meters Mixed Category in the Dr. Sim’s Dragon Boat Cup in August in honor of the late founder of the Philippine Canoe Kayak Federation.

Why join the Manila Wave Paddlers Club? We take in anybody, respecting each ones background, age, weight, religion, status, nationality, for as long as you show your willingness to fulfill team requirements and participate in team activities. We believe in each person’s potential in dragon boat.

After dragon boat training, there is still something to do …. we cross train and get involve in other sports like running, badminton, kayaking, swimming, volleyball, basketball, biking, mountain climbing, body building. We are very fortunate to have members and friends who are experts in said fields, each sharing their knowledge and experience.

After cross training, sometimes on weekdays, but always on weekends, we bond even more and celebrate. Either by going to a restaurant or Potluck, we eat, chat, or just hang and laugh out all the exhaustion and fatigue (staying even until the afternoon).

Manila Wave Team Photo

So do you like what you are reading so far? what are you waiting for…. Experience dragon boat…… compete…. be fit and have more friends! Join now! Join the Manila Wave Paddlers Club ! Just call or text 09178398957 or 09175250724. Hope to hear from you soon.