Amateur Paddlers Philippines (AmPPhi) Dragon Boat Crew

What sets Amateur Paddlers Philippines (AmPPhi) apart from other dragon boat teams is its welcoming, non-intimidating attitude toward first time trainees who wish to try dragonboating. The team aims to spread the fun, excitement and healthy experience that dragon boat paddling offers to sports enthusiasts or even just for curious hobbyists while also providing a serious

Philippine Marine Corps Dragon Boat Team

Thank you to Lulu Tanalgo for the write up! The reactivated Philippine Marine Corps Dragon Boat Team got together for their first training session on October 22, 2013. Sports programs have been a priority under a Philippine government initiative focused on Mindanao, “Win the War Thru Peace.” Because its Football for Peace program was successful, the Philippine Marine

Philippine Coast Guard Dragon Boat Team

Thanks to LTJG Mark Franklin A Lim II PCG for this write-up! The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) dragon boat team started as an all-male crew in March, 2007, during the incumbency of Commandant Admiral Damian L. Carlos (Ret.) It was, however, a brief existence, and the team went on hiatus until 2010, under the leadership of Vice-Admiral Wilfredo

Spitfire Dragons Dragon Boat Rowing Team

Thanks to Angelo Charles Concepcion for this write-up! Founded by Ms. Liza D. Buencillo in February 2012, the Spitfire Dragons Dragon Boat Rowing Team is one of the youngest teams in the Philippines. With majority of the members fairly new to the sport, the team had to under-go intensive land and pool training before being able to conduct

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