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    Carbon Flex 420 Features:
    • 3-Layer Carbon Fiber Blade
    • Hybrid Carbon /7781 FG Flex Shaft
    • 410-430 grams
    • Neutral Balance, Increased Swing Weight for Solid Recovery
    • More Shaft Flex for a Smoother Stroke and Better Tracking
    • Made in USA
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    • Carbon Ergo-T™ Grip
    • Carbon Fiber 3K
    • Round
    • Pre-preg carbon for superior strength to weight ratio
      • Carbon/Epoxy with PVC foam core
      • Internal carbon reinforced edge banding for durability
      • Thin tip for a clean entry and solid catch
    IDBF Approved


    • Grip: Carbon Ergo-T™
    • Shaft Material: Carbon fiber 3K.
    • Shaft Shape: Round
    • Blade Material: Carbon/epoxy, PVC foam core
    • Blade Shape: IDBF approved
    • Weight: 13oz
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    All Brača Dragon paddles are available with a Plastic I type Adjustable Shaft System. This allows elegant adjustment of overall paddle length (within 2 in(5 cm) range). The system also allows you to disassemble the paddle into two parts for easy transportation.
    • IDBF License Number 3062
    • Blade Material : 100% Carbon fiber
    • Shaft Material : 100% Carbon fiber
    • Weight : ~320g
    • Paddle length is adjustable by ± 1 in
    IMPORTANT! Always clean your adjustable shaft regularly! Store your adjustable paddle disassembled if not used for more than two weeks!
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