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The Merlin CD3+ Paddle is IDBF spec202a approved.

Blade Material : Carbon Fiber
Shaft Material : Carbon Fiber
Handle : T-Grip
Paddle Length : 46″ to 51″
Average Paddle Weight : 400g

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Merlin Paddle CD3+ is the latest model from Merlingear. The CD3+ is stiffer than the CD3 by adding additional layer of carbon fiber as reinforcement.

The CD3 was launched in April 2010 and has quickly become Merlin’s best selling paddle. It was produced to make maximum gain from the IDBF 202a paddle spec changes made at the end of 2009. It is lighter, sharper and smarter than CD2 and TD3.

LIGHTER – The aerospace, thermoplastic core and flat woven carbon make this paddle lighter and tougher.

SHARPER – The CD3+ has the sharpest blade tip allowed by IDBF to give the paddle a cleaner entry and exit.

SMARTER – The CD3+ has a concave upper blade allowing more water resistance to help move the boat forward. The shaft is also extended by 35mm minimizing blade flexing and giving more power to the tip of the blade. It has also enable Merlin to engineer the tip point with greater precision.

STRONGER – Added extra carbon fiber to the blade making it a stronger paddle and giving it reinforcement. Weighing in at only 11gms heavier than CD3, this still makes it our lightest and stiffest paddle.

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46in, 47in, 48in, 49in, 50in, 51in, Unattached Handle

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