Amateur Paddlers Philippines (AmPPhi) Dragon Boat Crew, Inc. is a Metro Manila-based dragon boat team composed of young, enthusiastic paddlers from different walks of life who share the same passion for the dragon boat racing sport and are willing to reach new heights in terms of athletic, personal, leadership, and social development.

While it was officially recognized on February 2012 by the Philippine Dragon Boat Federation (PDBF), the team's founding dates back to November 22, 2011 when three paddlers from different teams initially planned the formation of a new team that would cultivate a new culture in this extreme sport, guided by the principles of athleticism and discipline, and bound by genuine friendship among members. AmPPhi has been officially admitted as a regular member of the PDBF on June 26, 2016.

Today, it continues to strive to become one of the best dragon boat teams in the Philippines with its more than 50 active members and trainees who compete and win in various local and international dragon boat racing tilts.



Facebook: @ampphi
Instagram: @ampphidragonboatcrew
Twitter: @AmPPhi


Contact Person: JP Villanueva / Markie Boongaling / Leveny April Damian
Contact Number: +63998.9893403 / +63998.5541967 / +63998.9631932
Email Address: [email protected]