Why not try dragon boat training as an exciting new team building activity for your company? offers coaching services and corporate team building packages for interested groups of people and organizations, especially those with no prior experience in the sport.

Dragon boat, as we’ve mentioned throughout this site, has its roots in the deep-seated Asian values of teamwork, accountability, and perseverance—values that all the best corporations seek to develop in their employees. Apart from the obvious parallels to a healthy corporate culture, dragon boat is fun, plain and simple!

Dragon boat can be a whole new way for groups of people to bond, share some laughs, and of course, sneak in a healthy dose of physical activity.  Who knows, your company might even want to start its own dragon boat team to compete in local and international races.

For more information on how we can help you organize dragon boat training days for your company, contact [email protected] and receive a prompt response within the next couple of hours. See you on the boat!