Project Description

Thanks to Arjun’a Actub for the information on this team!

Team Bakunawa is a fledgling, motley crew of fun-loving, crazy, and eager-to-learn individuals from Iligan City. The term “do-it-yourself” has never been more apt for any other team, as Bakunawa started by building their own dragon boat named “Baku” (with “no experience of building anything in their lives,” according to Actub) and learning their paddling technique from videos and tutorials on the Internet.

Team Bakunawa

As a team comprised mostly of out-of-school youth and “tambays”, Actub credits dragon boat with empowering them with discipline and healthier living habits. Team Bakunawa is eager to expand their team and, of course, the sport of dragon boat in Mindanao region, so to become a member of this pioneering team, contact them at 09122302866 or look for them on Facebook.  Let’s look out for them in more races in the future!