Father Saturnino Urios University (FSUU) Dragon Boat Team

Agusan River is one of the longest and most beautiful rivers in Mindanao. It is a river that tells thousands of stories about people, transport, trade, culture. It is nature’s gift to the people of Mindanao. People have embraced the mighty Agusan River with all its nature to provide and to destroy. While the Agusan River may appear as a natural great divide connected by two bridges, it is also a natural point of convergence.

Through the test of time, this river has transformed itself not just into a mighty river but also a potential venue for varied water sports activities and festivities. One of the great characteristics of the river is its serenity and enormous width making it perfect venue for water sports such as the Dragon Boat.

Present realities however show that this River is now in great danger due to the illegal mining and logging activities happening upstream. It will l take a long time for the once Mighty river to recover its beauty and its generosity to offer life. This is the foundation of FSUU’s dragon boating initiative.




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