Hornet Carbon Fiber Paddle : STING X13 Artist Dragon Adjustable


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  • IDBF License Number : 3523
  • Blade Material : Carbon Fiber
  • Shaft Material : Carbon Fiber
  • Shaft Shape : Round
  • Handle : T-Grip
  • Paddle Length : 46″ to 51″
  • Paddle Weight : 360g to 410g

In stock

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    The STING Dragon Boat paddle empowers you to perform at your best. IDBF approved, it is strong, lightweight and meets all the criteria for international competition.

    There’s more to our paddle blades than good looks! The inner core is made of PMI foam, adding serious strength. Meanwhile, the outer material is carbon fiber, known for its lightweight yet impressively strong properties. As if that wasn’t enough, we’ve also reinforced the blade’s edge with super-strong solid fiberglass.

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