Bugsay Marajao

One beat, one stroke, one boat...this is the life of Bugsay Marajao Dragon Boat Team. Every drumbeat of the caller signals the splashing of the water by virtue of the synchronized strokes of the paddles. As the continuous beating of the drum progresses into varying paces of longs, power longs and hards, every paddler aims to give

Seahawks PH Dragon Boat Team

Seahawks PH is a newly formed dragon boat team composed of passionate individuals from different backgrounds working together to achieve a common goal: to excel in the sport of dragon boat and to improve our well-being. Founded in December 2016, Seahawks PH is a competitive dragon boat team that believes in the importance of winning through

Dragon Warriors Dubai

  Dragon boat in the United Arab Emirates was popularized by Canadian expats in the mid-1990s. From there, the sport slowly grew among the international community. Filipinos began to dominate the sport when corporate teams from Abu Dhabi sponsored employees to train. Today, half of the paddlers competing in every race are Philippine expats. Hence, the Dragon Warriors

Bakunawa Dragon Boat Team

Thanks to Arjun'a Actub for the information on this team! Team Bakunawa is a fledgling, motley crew of fun-loving, crazy, and eager-to-learn individuals from Iligan City. The term "do-it-yourself" has never been more apt for any other team, as Bakunawa started by building their own dragon boat named "Baku" (with "no experience of building anything in their lives,"

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