Philippine Dragonbot Rowing Team Fireblades (PDRT Fireblades)

The team was initially formed in 1995 as the Philippine Dragonboat Rowing Team (PDRT) under the Amateur Rowing Association of the Philippines (ARAP), as an all-women’s team meant to be a training pool for national team hopefuls. The team, which started recruiting male athletes in 2005, is presently known as the PDRT-Fireblades, to prevent the misnomer

University of the Philippines Dragon Boat Team

The University of the Philippines Dragon Boat Team (traditionally shortened to UPDT) was formed in 1993 by students from the College of Fine Arts, who had previously paddled with PDRT. Some of UPDT’s most illustrious alumni include Noelle Wenceslao, one of the first three Filipinas to summit Mt. Everest, and founder Jeff Galindez, who is widely credited with

Philippine Titans Dragon Boat Team

Thank you to Dennis Anacin for this write-up! The Philippine Titans Dragon Boat Team was founded by a group of paddlers led by Ms. Marylene Lumbre, its current team manager, in May 2014, comprised of paddlers from Manila, Boracay, and Singapore, along with rookies in the sport. The team has psych majors, fitness instructors, certified dragon boat coaches,

Crimson Dragons Dragon Boat Team

Crimson Dragons is one of the newest club teams on the PCKF roster, having officially formed in January 2013. As a team, its ideals are centered on a commitment to training and competitiveness, without forgetting that “fun and laughter is a must to further enjoy the sport… walang maarte, walang mayabang, walang pusong mamon at higit sa lahat,

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